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Setting up printers for different clients on one Ledgersmb instance

Does anyone have several companies setup on one instance of Ledgersmb?  Since specifying printers is done in ledgersmb.conf, how can you setup customer specific printers such that each individual customer only sees their own printers on the various screens such as on the Point of Sale/Sales screen without seeing/having access to other customers' printers. It would seem that keeping customer printer information in the company database would be the solution but wanted to run it past everyone to see if anybody has already found a solution for this. I realize I could create a separate Ledgersmb instance per company and use Apache's rewrite module to redirect a company user to their specific instance but that doesn't seem ideal especially if you have many companies that you are hosting.

Furthermore, even with one company if they have multiple retail locations with each having one or more receipt printers, I don't think you would want the Sales screen to show all of these printers.  It should be location specific I believe.  Any thoughts?

Best Regards,
Steven Marshall