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Re: Ledgersmb 1.3.3: Super User can't login to company database

Steven Marshall <..hidden..> writes:
> The use case I am trying to resolve is the following. ÂIf I manage several
>companies on Ledgersmb, it would be useful to be able to login to any of these
>companies' ledgersmb instances to help resolve issues. Â
>I have 100 companies though on my system and decide to change my password,
>wouldn't I have to change it a 100 times (one for each company)? ÂWhat would be
>the best approach to setting up a Super Administrator?

I agree that we have to find a solution to this. I have done some testing with
one user, an added roles to it from both databases. I can't get it to work. 

There are another important usercase, and that is accounting firms. They need a
way to add the same user to several db's. 

I've managed to add the roles of each database to the same user with:

  ALTER USER <usernaname> SET ROLE lsmb_ <dbname> __system_admin;

but I still can not log into other databases than where the user was created.

Is there anyone else who has suggestions for a solution?