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Ledgersmb 1.3.3: Super User can't login to company database

I am trying to understand the purpose of the Super User that is used on the initial screen of Setup.pl.  I have created a Superuser called "ledgersmb" with a password in PostgreSQL.  I then proceed to create a new company using Setup.pl using my superuser "ledgersmb".  After successfully creating my new company, I am not able to login to the new company's ledgersmb instance using the superuser "ledgersmb" role.  I am able to login with the user account that was created during the company creation process using Setup.pl and also with any other user I add via the Ledgersmb UI.

The use case I am trying to resolve is the following.  If I manage several companies on Ledgersmb, it would be useful to be able to login to any of these companies' ledgersmb instances to help resolve issues.  For example, I may help manage/troubleshoot their users' role permissions for example. I was expecting to be able to do that using the superuser account, but it appears that the only way to do this would be to create a new user for each company for myself so that I could be the Super Administrator for example.  If I have 100 companies though on my system and decide to change my password, wouldn't I have to change it a 100 times (one for each company)?  What would be the best approach to setting up a Super Administrator?

Best Regards,
Steven Marshall