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Chart of accounts: review request

Earlier this year I received some feedback on the taxes configured in
the Canadian chart of accounts. Today - on IRC - I received similar
feedback on the default tax setup for the Norwegian CoA.

In order to ship the best CoA files possible, I'd like to solicit
review of the files we currently ship by our user community:

at - Austria
au - Australia
be - Belgium
br - Brazil
ca - Canada
ch - Switzerland
cn - China
co - Colombia
cz - Czeck Republic
de - Germany
dk - Denmark
eg - Egypt
es - Spain
fr - France
hu - Hungary
id - Indonesia
it - Italy
lv - Latvia
nl - The Netherlands
no - Norway
pl - Poland
py - Paraguay
se - Sweden
tw - Taiwan
uk - United Kingdom
us - United States of America
ve - Venezuela

If you're in any of these countries - or in a position to review any
of these CoA files - please provide your feedback. If you reviewed the
file and there's nothing to report, please report that, so we know the
file has been reviewed.

Most if not all of these files have tax rates for VAT embedded, so,
I'd expect most of them to have become outdated even if it is only for
that reason.

Your review, if provided timely, could be included into LedgerSMB as
early as 1.3.4.

Should your country not be in the above list, but did you create a CoA
for your region? We're happy to accept it into the general
distribution, if it's based on resources and information which do
allow sharing.

Thanks in advance!