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Announcing 1.3.3 RC1


The LedgerSMB team is pleased to announce the release of 1.3.3 RC1.
If all goes well and no major problems found, 1.3.3 may be released as
early as Monday.

Please download this release and test it if you are affected by any of
the significant bugs fixed here.  If not, you probably want to wait
until 1.3.3 is released.

To install you will need to untar over the top of your existing
installation and then upgrade each database by going to the setup.pl,
enter database superuser credentials and the database name.  It will
detect the version and then reload all existing SQL modules.

The complete changelog is:

Changelog for LedgerSMB 1.3.3
* Fix for being unable to delete AR/AP drafts (Herman V)
* Additional button cleanup (Herman V)
* Fix for is_zero issue with latest Math::BigFloat in AR/AP trans (Chris T)
* Fix for inability to save employee country (Chris T)
* API inconsistency fixed (Chris T)
* Fix for translation string standardization (Herman V)
* Fix for AP posting issue with 1.000,00 number format (Herman V)
* More number format fixes (Herman V)
* Database upgrade within 1.3 now possible from setup.pl (Chris T)

Chris T is Chris Travers
Herman V is Herman Vierendeels

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers