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Re: Thinking towards 1.4: Budgetting module as add-on or in main software distro


I see a possible alternative use for what you are building.   

Increasingly, accountants of non-profits are in demand and need the same and additional services as for-profit accountants.  The additional accounting function some of those entities need is tracking funds.  Granted, the importance of fund accounting appears more in the equity section of the balance sheet, but that importance pushes backward from there into revenue and expense reporting as well as asset tracking.   Until a full fund accounting function could be programmed into lsmb, for those that do not use departments the department capability might give them a leg up on tracking restricted funds keeping them distinct from (not commingled with) unrestricted funds.

The budgeting module you are building would enhance all accounting efforts whether for-profit or not-for-profit.


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Hi all;

I am working on an add-on budgetting module for departments and projects for 1.3.  I am probably 10-20% done on the coding and test case design side.  The module isn't fancy, just a way to store budgets over arbitrary times for departments and/or projects and run variance reports off those budgets.  I am leaning towards pushing it into trunk once it is working because it seems that this is a pretty common requirement, and that 1.4 is expected to have a root department representing the organization as a whole.  Consequently even those who don't use departments could get some use out of them.

What do others think?

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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