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Re: What are you using? TUI or GUI browser?

Chris Travers wrote:
On Wed, Aug 24, 2011 at 11:40 AM, Roderick A. Anderson <..hidden..> wrote:

Of course this does raise the head of the JavaScript monster.  I
still hear of people disabling JS.

Is JavaScript an issue to users and supporters of LSMB?

We want LSMB to work ok without Javascript. That it works better with Javascript is fine and good.

However, I don't think you can fix the problems with the current generations of text-only web browsers with Javascript. A better approach is to recognize this and for us to continue working towards a stable and maintainable API so that ncurses interfaces etc. become possible. I'd rather have us drop support for the text-only web browsers (a process which has gradually occurred to a significant extent between 1.0 and 1.2).

YES!!!  Sorry if I gave the impression that I wanted/needed TEXT only
browsers.  They were cute when the GUI browsers were named Mosaic and
Mozilla.  I think LSMB can be 10-key friendly in Firefox.

I have still used elinks with 1.2 where I needed to, but it is a
painful experience because this is not the sort of thing that Elinks
developers had in mind when they developed it.

I feel your pain. I just had to access a site using elinks from a server I was connected to via a ssh session.

Best Wishes, Chris Travers

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