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Re: Fedora 14 Install Script

> I just sort of got the script to run.

So you did get the script.  Great.  I was worried the mail-list might have scrubbed off the attachement (which was the script)

> I had to go back and play with the postgres setup to get
> the databases 
> to load up
> and ended up running the last half or so of the script by
> hand.

[nods]  I'm not a Postgres person.  Much of the database stuff was leaning heavily on the INSTALL file that came with LSMB. When I ran into problems, I managed by-guess-and-by-golly

> I ran this on a Centos6 so there were a few changes.
> To make life clean I built up a set of rpm's for the perl
> modules.

You made RPMs of the stuff I had to reach to CPAN for?  Could we offer that for download somehow? (BTW, did you find the NET::TCLink package? I didn't even manage to get it through CPAN)

> It does in fact install 1.2.24.

Great!  It sounds like it would make a good starter for something better.

- Neon