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Re: Poll: Most helpful feature after 1.3?

On Tue, Jul 19, 2011 at 10:14 AM, Alvin Starr <..hidden..> wrote:
> I may have missed this addition along the way since my interest in
>  ledgersmb is driven more by need than anything else.
> My ongoing hot issue is an API.
> Well an API that is not "emulate the web user".
That's ongoing as we replace old code.  The API is a two-level API:

1)  Discoverable stored procedure interface intended to provide
consistent security and business logic constraints across applications
written in different languages.

2)  Perl interface for lighter-weight scripting.  Really the Perl
layer in 1.3 new code is usually pretty thin, and largely glues the UI
to stored procedures.

The old codebase API is usable without emulating a web user, but it's
not well documented, and it's awkward.  The new API is still
sub-optimal in Perl but it's a large step forward.  We will probably
be to a nice clean API in 2.0.

My hope post-1.3 is that we can get the AR/AP/GL transaction stuff
moved to the new codebase by 1.4, but the invoicing side is
complicated and might not happen for some time after that without a
lot of help.  I would also like to see 1.4 and later broken out into
different schemas (lsmb_contacts, lsmb_financial, lsmb_stockkeeping,
lsmb_fixed_assets, lsmb_projects, etc).

This is all expected to be documented and supported as we go.

Hope this helps.  We'd love your feedback in what can be improved in
the API as we move in this direction.  In 1.3 though it's largely only
available for payments, reciepts, fixed assets, file attachments, and
cash reconciliation.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers