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Re: Development progress

On Tue, 14 Jun 2011, Chris Travers wrote:

Development snapshots are under Development Snapshots in the
Sourceforge file system.

Biweekly snapshots will be named [branch]-[yyyymmdd]

First snapshot is in place.


Personally, I'm fine with SVN, and stay away from SF sites as much as I possibly can. However, because of that, I can't answer the question which I would ask if I was not fine with SVN: how does one access said Sourceforge file system? Is there some direct URL?

That might speed the path of Phil and other willing testers.

As for me, I created a new virtual machine over the weekend, and will begin testing the trunk version this week. So hopefully will have some constructive feedback by Saturday. I'll be testing in lenny, mainly because I could not get Ubuntu to install with debootstrap. I hope to make a Debian dependency collection package.