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Re: usage proposal for 1.3: Customer History

Hi Chris,

> I am looking at the customer history bit

Great! That's one of the non-working menu items. Actually, it's the
only one left without backing functionality.

> and realizing that some of
> this is going to be a pain to implement in 1.3 in a reasonably
> well-performing way as the database gets reasonably large. I am
> therefore proposing a couple of specific changes to workflow in
> certain circumstances.
> In general, I am looking at prioritizing searches of a specific
> customer's records, where a search is done using an exact customer
> number over those where demographics or contact information is used
> for a search. ÂIs this acceptable to everyone?

In what way do you mean "prioritizing"? As in realizing the
functionality? Or in terms of performance of the answer being
generated by the database?