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Re: Future of LedgerSMB: Ideas and RFC

On Thu, 19 May 2011, Chris Travers wrote:

Ok, so how about a different approach:

1)  Stable branches of addons and main programs are bug-fix only.
2)  Addons (official patches, additional modules, etc) have their own
sub-repositories, and can have multiple stable releases against a
stable branch of LSMB.

This allows us to tackle a lot of the old code replacement through
addons, which could be more easily ported to 2.0 without the
likelihood of accidently pushing bugs onto users during upgrades of
stable branches.
I guess my question to you is where you think such an addon model
would fall short?

I don't know if it would. I haven't seen it in action, so don't know what its capabilities are, nor how far it goes to replacing what's running.

It doesn't sound like it would be able to make database changes any more likely, and I think at least some of the moving forward will require them.

If you are stating categorically that there are no schema changes we can make without significantly altering the user experience, in ways that are more than adding features with addons would do, and/or that we can't do any incremental schema changes, then maybe addons will be sufficient.