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Re: Future of LedgerSMB: Ideas and RFC

On Wed, 18 May 2011, Erik Huelsmann wrote:

From other people's reactions I concluded it's not clear enough
"what's in it for them". In other words, in what ways does 1.3
actually contributes to the goals they may be trying to achieve.

For me, from a usability standpoint, the only thing I *know of* that 1.3 has going for it, is that relationship management functionality. I have long wanted that, and it would be nice. The additional security, etc., is nice, but for my exact situation, it's not a must-have, since everything is limited to a very few maximally trusted people, operating on VPNs, on non-public servers.

I think the major priorities at this point need to be:
1) ÂGetting 1.3 out the door.

To me, this means being able to develop using the customers model,
differentiating between companies and people. To John Locke this seems
to mean the a stable Reconciliation interface. What does this mean to

1.  Installable by the majority.
2. All primary features exposed to users, working without significant bugs in standard use cases.

That's it. Everything else is window dressing, fixes, etc., which can be added in subversions.

If the features you and John want are there at all, they should work as expected from whatever documentation exists.

probably a good idea to find a mode where releases get only big enough
to address a small number of specific issues (and the regular bug
fixes) on the point releases. That might satisfy only a small group of
current users, but the continued development could easily attract new
users too. That would be a net benefit.

Y! E! S!  Exactly that.