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Re: Future of LedgerSMB: Ideas and RFC

On 18 May 2011 10:34, Chris Travers <..hidden..> wrote:
> On Tue, May 17, 2011 at 5:18 PM, Adrian Levi <..hidden..> wrote:
>> Is there a payrole function in the works, what would it cost me to
>> have one written?
>> Watching progress in LSMB with interest.
> Well, payroll is a nightmare because of so many national and local
> requirements. ÂI have the basics of a database structure written but
> would really need specific requirements for a specific location before
> I could contemplate putting something into place.

I could well imagine, I had already started thinking about the
differences between different national codes...
I am in Australia, Queensland specifically, here is a link to the tax tables.
*We also pay Superannuation at a minimum 9% on ordinary hours only
(not including overtime), if you earn $400 or more per week.
*Holiday accrual is calculated at approx 2 hours per week calcuated
pro rata on what is actually worked (ordinary hours).
Most other things are specified in Federal or State awards for
specific job types.

I'll ask our accountant if there is a specific place that all this
information can be gleaned.


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