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Re: Future of LedgerSMB: Ideas and RFC

On 18 May 2011 06:53, Chris Travers <..hidden..> wrote:
> Hi all;
> Many of you may be frustrated at the pace of development of LedgerSMB
> and the fact that 1.3 has not yet been released. ÂDevelopment may
> appear to have slowed. Public discussions become less frequent...

I installed and tinkered with LSMB 2 years ago but was coerced
(forced) into using a proprietory accounting solution MYOB.
Over the last 2 years we have paid for support to the tune of
$750/year + the cost of purchasing the software (approx $3000).
I realise that no software is 'free', you still have to maintain and
upgrade, but the biggest hurdle I have to switching from our MYOB to
LSMB is a payrole function.

Is there a payrole function in the works, what would it cost me to
have one written?

Watching progress in LSMB with interest.


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