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Re: Forgetting to post printed/mailed invoices: add Print+Post button?

I also forget to post sometimes because of a different human error.
Regardless of check boxes or different buttons it would still be
possible to forget to post, or forget to check the boxes for that matter.

Perhaps the original screen could have a strong "NOT POSTED" flag which
only disappears after posting. Probably that's more complicated to do
but would be more definite. The sort of flag I'm talking about might be
a translucent background image in red saying "NOT POSTED", or a strong
line of text if you don't want to use images.

** Not Posted Not Posted Not Posted Not Posted Not Posted Not Posted **

OTOH, no matter what you do you can't entirely fix the problem on the
other side of the keyboard ;-)

Chris Travers wrote:
On Mon, May 16, 2011 at 2:47 PM, Erik Huelsmann <..hidden..> wrote:

A friend of mine and I are working toward taking LedgerSMB as our
accounting system. We like the direction of development and its
improvements over SQL-Ledger.

However, one item my friend has bad memories about is the fact that
it's easy to print invoices (or e-mail them) without posting them (or
vice-versa). It's a workflow inherited from SQL-Ledger that has caused
problems for him in a previous company.

I'd like to propose addition of a Post+Print and a Post+E-mail button,
which prints or mails the invoice after succesfully posting it. What
do others say about this idea? I could create a patch to make it
happen if it's generally considered an improvement.

I have been thinking about this and have a better idea.

This is something which has been a real headache regarding this
software since before we forked.  Part of the problem is user
confusion and the fact that the interface is not entirely clear as to
what it is doing.

What about moving "Print" and "Email" to checkboxes which could be
done along side post or update operations?  This wouldn't require new
strings or anything, and it might make the UI a lot clearer and more
intelligible.  Plus when I click "update" I might not be expecting it
to save.... If I click "Print" that's a different thing.

What do people think?

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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