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Re: Forgetting to post printed/mailed invoices: add Print+Post button?

Hi Hugh,Chris,

On Tue, May 17, 2011 at 7:50 AM, Hugh Esco
<..hidden..> wrote:
> My preference would be that print and email buttons be removed from the
> interface, except when viewing a posted invoice, where I'd also like to
> see a reverse transaction button for users with appropriate
> permissions.

Very nice idea. Talking to Drew (the guy with the SQL-Ledger
experience), we'd favor an approach like that too. Knowing that Chris
is working toward 'saved-but-not-posted' invoices [to support
work-in-progress saving], I think it's the best we can get from the
current system. But it would stimulate the workflow that seems to be
intended: create->Post->Print/E-mail.

> ÂI would support adding email and print checkboxes to an
> invoice which let me update or post it. ÂI'd also like to be able to
> save a partially prepared invoice, short of posting it, so that we can
> build and develop an invoice over time, billing our clients once each
> month, perhaps with the one-off line items being added in to a
> recurring monthly invoice on the schedule we configure it for. ÂFor
> reversing a transaction, I would want to draw distinctions between an
> invoice which was posted an hour ago, from one which has been
> reconciled, in terms of who is permitted to reverse and recreate the
> invoice.

Although I agree with the description above (about saving invoices),
that seems to be one step too far for the current (1.3) functionality.
Earlier this week, I learned from Chris it's a direction he's taking
post 1.3 though and I support that direction completely.

I'm not sure about reversing a 1-hour-old versus a 2-days old invoice
though different processes, though, especially when it's possible to
save invoices and maybe have the actual posting happen through
separation of duties?