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Re: Printing issue in Windows

On Sun, Oct 31, 2010 at 6:22 AM, albert <..hidden..> wrote:
> Good day Chris,
> Windows XP Version 2002 SP3.
> The problem is with the latex system call. The system hangs and the file is
> then in use by another process (because the process is interrupted I guess).

What I'm wondering is this:

The program tries to re-run LaTeX as many times as necessary to align
the longtables to the page ends.  If it is running more than once, I
wonder if a file handle isn't being released properly.  If it were me
I'd see what happens if I comment out lines 985 through 990 of
LedgerSMB/Form.pm.  If that fixes the problem we'd need some way of
handling this.

> I've tried it many times and 99 out of a 100 it hangs. It is not the rerun
> (I changed Forms to write messages to a text file i.e. "Before latex
> 1288530441_ap_transaction_54.tex > 1288530441_ap_transaction_54.err" - I get
> nothing further.

Ok, that's even stranger.  You say sometimes it doesn't hang?  Is
there any pattern here?  (i.e. very short invoices or the like)?  Do
you know if this happens before reading the .err file in

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers