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recursivity, or in other words: departments in a department (in a department etc....)

I'm starting to appreciate LedgerSMB as a useful tool in keeping track
of the financial situation and reporting thereof. You can read this as:
I'm starting to understand how to work with it.

However... there is one thing that I'm still missing, and that is
recursivity: As we are able to define (and report on, including balance
sheets) departments within a company, why not expand this functionality
by making it generally recursive, enabling the definition of departments
in departments in departments etc...

I could use at least one more level of (sub-)departments in that
Also, when generating a general ledger report, filtering per project
would be useful as well.

Just an expression of two functionalities which would make life a bit
easier for me, but which would probably require a comprehensive
restructuring of the LedgerSMB system :)


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