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Re: How functional is 1.3?

 I'm currently in the midst of migrating to 1.3 just this week.

I'm finding tons of little issues, have been working with Chris T on
getting my patches back up stream...

If you're willing to work with some growing pains, and accept a bit of a
step down in stability, it's probably workable (or will be come hell or
high water by next week...). We're moving forward primarily because we
have to fix the reconciliation system -- and this is vastly improved in

initiate.pl failed for me, didn't install everything necessary. The
manual process does work, and there's a SQL upgrade script floating
around if you're looking to import from LSMB 1.2 or SQL-Ledger... not
really something that's usable if you're not a developer, you will hit

I wrote a post to the Devel list earlier this week about our upgrade
process so far, if you can't find it in the archives, I can forward to
this list...

Today I got reconciliation actually working, fixed a really crazy bug in
GL that was causing heading accounts to show up as additional lines and
making transactions out of balance, and am working on getting proper
shipto, customer, and vendor views that will hopefully fix most of AP
and AR screens. Reports mostly seem to work ok.

John Locke

Philip Rhoades wrote:
> Turtle,
> I too was about to ask if there was any progress because I hadn't seen 
> any posts re progress for a while.  Should I download the latest code 
> and try again (64-bit)?
> Thanks,
> Phil.
> On 2010-10-15 02:13, Schmiechen wrote:
>> I just checked ledgersmb 1.3 Trunk Revision: 3091.
>> Just to see where things are at.
>> I installed the few extra dependency's and set it up in Apache on my testing
>> Laptop.
>> How useable is 1.3? are folks here using it for daily use?
>> I checked out the initiate.pl in my webbrowser and browsed the code a bit.
>> I got to initiate.pl not letting me log in as a db user but I did not set up
>> any lsmb_db first.
>> Is initiate.pl supposed to edit ledgersmb.conf and set everything up or is it
>> like a new admin.pl?
>> Anyway looks like allot of progress has been made.
>> Cheers
>> Turtle
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