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converting invoice to sales order

Having used SL for 6 years I've converted to LSMB. I have now brought over and setup a new file in LSMB and am up and running with excellent help from my Accountant.
Previously in SL if I discovered I had charged out an item under the wrong stock code, rather than editing the invoice and re-posting I was converting it to a sales order then deleting the invoice then converting back the sales order.
This morning I discovered I had an item in stock that I knew I should have charged out, and the offending invoice needed correcting. I converted it to a sales order and saved it then deleted the invoice.

To my dissappointment and surprise, after converting the sales order back to an invoice, when the new invoice came up I discovered the stock levels had been adjusted down and the deleting of the invoice had not added the items back into stock!

1. How do I fix this?
2. What is the recommended method for fixing a stock code mistake in an already posted invoice ?



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