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Re: Recurrent "session expired" notices

Hi Stroller,

As I mentioned in another email, using multiple system users is not required, nor would it be generally advisable as XAUTH issues can make it difficult.

A better solution is to use multiple firefox profiles.

Information on doing so can be found at
in the "Firefox Multiple Profiles" addon.

NOTE: It is not really an addon, but some information and commands you would need to run.

David Godfrey

Stroller wrote:
On 8 May 2010, at 20:54, ERACC Subscriptions wrote:
* Open a terminal window such as xterm.
* Use "su - user2name" to login to my second user account. Where
  "user2name" would be replaced with the actual login name for that
* Start Firefox in the xterm window for that user and login to the
  LedgerSMB user and database I have mentally assigned to that user.
This will keep the sessions separate even should they all use a
similar cookie. ... Since the 'buntu folk do stuff rather odd by
avoiding su in favor of sudo one may need to figure out how to do this
using sudo.

sudo -u dave firefox http://ledgersmbhost.your.domain



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