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Re: Some newbie questions

Hi Ken,

I seem to remember something about this,
Can you please confirm the version you installed, if it was 1.2.19 you have hit a bug.

Current version is 1.2.21

If you would like to join me in IRC channel #ledgersmb I can help you update the required files manually, as it looks like the package is out of date.

My IRC nick is sbts

If you don't want to join me there I can try and help by email, but it will take quite a bit longer.

If you need help setting up IRC let me know

David Godfrey

Ken Smith wrote:

-original message-
Subject: Re: [Ledger-smb-users] Some newbie questions
From: Luke <..hidden..>
Date: 17/04/2010 06:47

On Fri, 16 Apr 2010, Ken Smith wrote:

I then created a user, but mistakenly made that user a normal user, not
an admin. But the system won't change the user to an admin when I edit
the user. I then deleted the user and re-created it, this time as an
admin, but not all the rights get assigned to the user so it can't
create customers, see the chart of accounts.

Even when you check all of the boxes and hit save?


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Yes, even when I do that. Its almost as if the ledgersmb user dosn't have complete write access to the ledgersmb database.

I'll dig a little deeper later on today.