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1.2 item not on file thoughts

Originally posted to -devel, but it would probably have been better to post it here first...

In 1.2.X, there is the following behavior...

1. If you enter a partnumber, and a description, and select update, you are presented with the "item not on file" form.

To me, partnumber should take priority, and the alternate description should be preserved on the invoice, over the one obtained from the part description.

At the very least, the item should be placed on the order/invoice, and the alt description should be ignored.

What is the value of the current behavior?

2. The "item not on file" form does not show the item number entered which it claims is not on file. At least to shine a light on typos, that would seem to be a strange omission.

Would I be alone in considering this a bug? If it is one, I will try to write a patch--I can't imagine any value to a failure to provide information.