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Customer's invoices paid by another customer?

Accounting question.

I have a customer with several years of outstanding invoices. They are about to be paid, but another customer is going to do the paying.

I am looking for the best way to record and track this.

The process discovered earlier this year for handling employee expensed vendor purchases in LedgerSMB, should work in reverse for this I think.

That process was:

0.  Create two vendors: real and employee.
1.  Bill real vendor.
2.  Pay from a liability bank account.
3. Pay the employee from the real bank (asset) account, balancing against an AP clearing account (liability), via cash -> payments [all]. 4. Transfer from the AP clearing account (liability) to that liability bank account to balance the books.

I am thinking that the mirror image of this process would be:

0.  Create two customers: original and payer.
1.  Bill the original customer.
2.  Receive payment to a fake asset bank account.
3. Receive a payment from the paying customer to the actual asset account, balancing against an AR clearing account (asset), via cash -> receipt [all]. 4. Transfer from the fake asset bank account, to the AR clearing asset account, to balance the books.

Do I have this right?

The order of steps 3 and 4 on both of these probably don't matter much.