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Re: Fork: Proposed Architecture Changes in 2.0

Chris Travers wrote:
I am wondering if it would be good idea to actually break parts of the
app into different schemas, but keep the naming conventions consistent
(maybe all our schemas begin with lsmb_, and all non-bundle schemas
begin with lsmb_addon_ or something).  This would seem to solve the
functional problem and also allow more modularity in the design.

While this is perfectly doable from a technical standpoint, and possibly necessary at some future point in time, I would question making such a wholesale change until it *is* necessary.

The addon system appears to be small enough both in scope and number that such a change is not necessary at this time.

If this were my own project, I'd keep the idea in mind through the 1.3 cycle, making sure nothing happens that would make this step more difficult, and then re-evaluate prior to the release of 2.0.

If and/or when necessary, the move to private schemas isn't a complex change, per se, although it is definitely error-prone, and shouldn't take an inordinate amount of time to make at any given juncture - I'd estimate about two to three days of developer time going through all the code and changing things as necessary.

Of course, having just discovered code like "&{$form->{script}}" it's also possible that I'm being wildly optimistic.

(Are there any -dev subscribers that aren't also subscribed to the -users list? If so, this discussion should probably move there ASAP.)

-Adam Thompson
 (204) 291-7950