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Fork: Proposed Architecture Changes in 2.0

Well not really a fork as much as some additional thoughts that I didn't see addressed and I wanted to keep them with the thread.

Two thoughts I'd like to kept in mind while building out v2.0.

1. Running multiple "companies" with one web server instance, i.e. NameVirtualHost in Apache. This used to be an issue with mod_perl. Not sure if it is now. I see two main places where this is useful. An accountant might want to host two or more companies on one server and a service provider might prefer maintaining one web server verses one per customer.

2. Being able install into a schema in a database instead of creating a database and installing. This would allow a service provider to create a "company/client" database and have several applications that use it. In PostgreSQL terms one cluster (server) with many companies (databases) using several applications (schema). I have done this for LSMB via a manual install so it works.