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Installing on a Mac?

I'm trying to install on a Mac, and I've got as far as I feel
confident about.  I have PostgreSQL installed, I have XAMPP installed,
the initial databases are created.  I'm at the point of doing the Perl
modules, and see several are missing from XAMPP Perl, and I'm trying
to figure out how to install those.

When I last did that I was on a Linux system, and remember that there
was a way to install modules (and if nescesary modules the module is
dependent on) through Perl itself connecting through Perl to CPAN.  I
can't remember how that was done, but it was a nice "semi-automated"
way to get through this step.

Can anyone help me with this?  I have a little while to figure this
out, but if I bang my head against this any more tonight I won't be

Thank you very much for this great product, and all the time that has
been put into it.

Jigme Datse Rasku