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Re: Include this bug fix in next 1.2.x release?

It seems to me that if the payment is made after the date shown on the report then it shouldn't be included. To do otherwise is illogical. Surely you want to know the status at the given date. If that's what you mean, then I can't see how there could be an argument against it, unless it's in the category of "bug treated as if it's a feature" ;-)

If you want to include ALL payments, then you would use the present date, wouldn't you? I suppose it's possible to post-date a payment so it isn't applied until after today's date? Even so, the same logic applies.

IANAA, YMMV, etc etc etc

Chris Travers wrote:
Hi all;

I have a bug fix for fixing the AR/AP aging reports for past dates (to
ignore payments made after those dates).  While this is a major bug
fix, it also changes the way that the report was apparently designed
to operate.

The past behavior ignored the dates of payment and assumed all
payments occurred prior to the date of the report.  The current
behavior excludes those payments.

What do folks think?  Include this bug fix?  Or roll it back?

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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