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Re: Pre-paid inventor

On 03/10/10 10:51, Iserv-appbox wrote:
IMHO the common solution for this kind of problems is to use a "internal transfers"
account. (I'm not sure if I use the correct term. In Dutch we call this "kruisposten".)

When paying in advance you book:

 checking account: Credit
 internal transfers: Debet

If you connect the internal transfers account with AR_paid, AP_paid, you can "pay"
the real invoice using the internal transfers account as a pseudo checking account.

Marjan Waldorp,

So I just need to manually transfer the money between the "checking account" and "internal transfers" first.
And after I receive the goods I record the transaction and pay it from "internal transfers".

It would be convenient if we could to pay the Invoice and record it first before receiving inventory to avoid manual transfer.