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Acctounting Question: Initial Capital Contribution

In the Operating Agreement for a newly formed company it speaks of the
initial capital contribution of the founding partners.  That investment
was made in a combination of cash and sweat equity.  The Agreement
later includes a provision providing for a 'Set Price' meant to
monetize that initial capital investment.  

My question relates to how this set price ought to be "memorialized and
made a part of the LLC records" as required.  I'm guessing that I want
to create a GL entry.  I understand how to balance the 'Common Shares'
account with the 'Checking Account' as a GL entry.  But I'm wondering
how it is I make a balanced GL entry giving credit in Common Shares for
the unpaid sweat equity invested in the start-up.

Any accountants in the house who'd be willing to share with me how they
would proceed?  Your help would be appreciated.

Hugh Esco 
Providing Application Hosting, 
Telephony and IT Development Services 

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