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Re: ls13 beta3 and initiate.pk error

2010/2/24 Chris Travers <..hidden..>:

> Did you log in with the postgres user to the initiate.pl?
> Can you provide httpd log messages regarding the error?

I started once more from beginning and removed whole postgres
installation and set it up again. Now it like does something and gives
in browser lots of lines SQL echo, but it fails now without yelling
Error. In logs i have lots of problems, so here they are:

apache error.log:

postgres log:

output to browser

Seems to me, that initiate.pl thinks, it can't create database, but
database is still created:

postgres=# \c kuutorvaja
psql (8.4.2)
You are now connected to database "kuutorvaja".

And there is role_view table:

kuutorvaja=# \d
          List of relations
 Schema |   Name    | Type |  Owner
 public | role_view | view | postgres
(1 row)

And \du lists lots of lsmb* roles.

If i try now login, i get such error:


Database is not the expected version. Was , expected 1.2.0

In logs:
DBI connect('dbname=kuutorvaja','',...) failed: fe_sendauth: no
password supplied at LedgerSMB.pm line 804
DBI connect('dbname=kuutorvaja','admin',...) failed: FATAL:  password
authentication failed for user "admin"
FATAL:  password authentication failed for user "admin" at LedgerSMB.pm line 804
DBD::Pg::st execute failed: ERROR:  relation "defaults" does not exist

So i have no big picture, what is wrong...


KÃike hÃÃd,