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Re: Need GL query

> From: M Lubratt <..hidden..>

[Mark Lubratt]
> > > My company's auditor requires our GL entries over 2009 & 2010 in an 
> > > file. ?We have over 7,000 entries and I'd like to do this without parsing
> > > the HTML file that is output from the GL Report. ?Can someone please tell
> > > me where the to find the query for the GL report? ?Or, if someone could
> > > please post it here?
[Chris Travers]
> > Also, you can often cut/paste into Excel from HTML, iirc.
[Mark Lubratt]
> > Ah-ha! ?That does work.
> > The one difference they need is is the account description in addition to
> > the account number. ?So, I'm looking for acc_trans.accno || ' - ' ||
> > acc_trans.description instead of only acc_trans.accno.

To add to the options already mentioned: if you have OpenOffice.org lying 
around, it is fairly straightforward to connect to a PostgreSQL data base 
through OO.o Base, build a query there, and output it in Excel format. (This 
will easily convince your auditor. :-) It should obviously also be possible 
with MS Access, but I haven't tried that.