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Re: Email Format Poll for the list

Hi David,

I'm (a), (b), and (c).

That is, I use mutt, and I only read text emails. I'm happy for you to
send in html format for those people who use html email clients, as 
long as you also include a text version (that's what multipart/
alternative is for). That way we can both read each other's emails, 
without foisting our client preferences on each other.

Or are you really asking if it's ok to send html-only emails to the 
list? In that case, my vote is no, since in doing so you're needlessly
(as far as I can see) excluding a chunk of your audience.

The net is supposed to be an inclusive place, which is why we discourage
websites optimised for Browser X or Technology Y, and keep pushing 
things like web accessibility.