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Re: Bug in 1.2.18

>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Travers <..hidden..> writes:
    >> continue.
    >> For me, what happened next, is that the dropdown for vendor
    >> reflected "amazon.com", but the address was my mailing address
    >> for the Luke vendor.
    >> Wrongness.  So, I chose myself (again) from the dropdown, and hit
    >> update, at which point it was fine.
    >> Weird...  and a trap for anyone who isn't paying attention.

    Chris> Weird.  Can anyone confirm?  I haven't seen this but will try
    Chris> to repro.

It's been this way since I started using SQL-Ledger.

The who on the form will reset to the first one for reasons I never am
sure about.  It goes away once you have something on the form.

This sometimes also happens in AP where the account chosen will reset to the
first one when you select the proper name for the who part.

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