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Re: Invoice VOID Button; Would you like it?

On Sun, 24 Jan 2010, David Godfrey wrote:

> Currently if you make a mistake entering an invoice (Vendor or Client)
> and post the invoice before you realise,
> you have to manually find and edit the invoice, changing all QTY's to
> negative numbers, and any payment to a negative, edit the Invoice Number
> to show that it has been voided, and possibly add a comment to the notes
> field.
> Then you can save the invoice as new.
> At this point there may be nothing else to do (customer changed their
> mind before leaving store),
> or you may have to reedit the original invoice, make corrections then
> once again Post as New.
> I propose a two part solution to this.
>       First, add a RED "VOID" button to the Document. (if it is
>       being edited)


I might prefer to call it "Reverse", but "Void" works, and is less 
ambiguous to someone who doesn't understand the accounting of reversals.

The only thing I see as an issue with either of these, is the invoice 
number.  In some countries, I think adding "void" would be a problem--it 
might require a new invoice number.  For me, I'd be okay with void being 
appended, but would probably prefer just "-R"

1.  emit a form when 
voiding, which asks for notes and invoice number, suggesting the current 
invoice number with "void" appended.  Prepend any notes entered to the 
invoice's current notes.

2.  Insert a field in defaults, asking for the pattern of reversal 
numbers.  Default it to "<?lsmb invnumber ?>-void".  If blank, simply take 
the next invoice number as usual.

3.  Field near the void button on the form of the invoice, which always 
contains the invoice number with a "VOID" or "-R" or what ever appended, 
which the user can change before clicking.

Oh, and you'll probably want a "You are about to void this invoice!" 

 >       Second, if it can be done 
> without major modification to the       code,
>         add a RED "VOID and Raise" button to the Document. (if it
>       is being edited)
>           1. negate all QTY's and Payments,
>           2. add VOID to the invoice number
>           3. add a note "Voided by $username on $date at $time"
>           4. Post the Invoice as NEW
>           5. Reopen the Original Invoice for editing.

Same invoice number concern, but good otherwise.