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Re: Add Vendor & Client from Documents; Would you like it?

Luke wrote:
On Fri, 22 Jan 2010, David Godfrey wrote:

Luke wrote:
I've had a bigger problem with the lack of an ability to add a customer or 
vendor from the document forms.  You can add an invoice from the contact 
forms, so why not a contact from the invoice forms?

Ok will add this to my TODO list.
Have thought about this one myself on a few occasions.

I will disclaim with the fact that it may very well be there in 1.3--I 
haven't tested 1.3 yet, and with scheduling and such, I probably can't 
until middle of next month.
Regardless, I and I imagine many others, will still be on 1.2.18 for some 
Have Spoken to Chris T, and it is not currently in 1.3.
There may be some limitations due to existing code but we should be able to implement something that is usable, even if it is not ideal.

David G