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Re: Bank Statements.

On Fri, 2010-01-08 at 11:26 +0800, David Godfrey wrote:
> Hi All,
> What does everyone do to enter information from bank statements?
> And once entered how do you reconcile this info with other transactions?
> David

I think you may be looking at it the wrong way round. Your bank
statement needs to be reconciled against LSMB. By that I mean you should
be able to read down the statement, find each transaction in LSBM, and
tick it off on the statement. Equally, you should be able read through
what LSMB produces and find it on the statement. If the two match, you
haven't missed anything out. If they don't, and you have missed, say,
entering a cheque payment you need to find out why/where and
enter/correct it. Or a deposit may be missing or entered twice. There
may even be something missing from the statement, say a deposit has been
put in the wrong account (yours or someone else's). Every transaction on
the statement should be present in LSMB, and every entry in LSMB should
be on the statement. The statement should only be a record of activity,
rather than a generator of new data. 


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