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Re: Problem With Saving Parts

my guest is it is a primary key of the table partsvendor and you should
check and see if it is generated by a sequence or if it is from an input
variable. if it is the latter may be you are entering duplicated
partsvendor info.

the other would be the code has a booboo. lastly, something similar had
happed to us about 2 months ago when we had upgraded our server to a quad
core and centos. the vanilla install of perl utilized threads (had known
issues) and it was causing similar problems that we guess was from
contention. so we recompiled perl to not use thread and the issue went
away. best of luck!


> Hi all,
> I've mentioned this before, but it is now becoming a real problem.
> When Saving a part with the Vendor info filled in it is taking
> increasingly long for for the save not to produce this error:
> "DBD::Pg::st execute failed: ERROR: duplicate key violates unique
> constraint "partsvendor_pkey" at LedgerSMB/IC.pm line 529.
> Error!
> INSERT INTO partsvendor
> (vendor_id, parts_id,
> partnumber, lastcost,
> leadtime, curr)
> VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?)
> ERROR: duplicate key violates unique constraint "partsvendor_pkey"
> "
> There seems to be no rhyme nor reason, sometimes it works first time,
> every time for a while, other (now most) times it can take ages.
> The record so far is 102 attempts, and just changing a spelling mistake
> can now take 20 mins!
> When saving a new part, the same happens but the part record is saved
> without the vendor info - the part complete records then have to be
> deleted manually.
> The only trend is that it is getting much worse as the dbase grows!
> If necessary I can supply a back-up of our dbase for testing - I was
> hoping that I could hang on for 1.3, but this is becoming a real
> problem.
> Cheers
> Richard
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