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Re: Should I wait for 1.3 if I want to wean off of QB by the end of the month?

Sorry if this ends up a dupe, I sent before my subscription was verified and it bounced.

I am not fishing for a release date for 1.3. I am just curious if the latest stable will be close enough or simple enough of an upgrade to 1.3 when it is released to start testing and trialing now? I am a pretty small shop, with 2 people using QB... and that is the last thing that tethers me to a windows desktop or constantly running a vm. I am also moving my shop from WA state to AK state in the spring, where I will have a separate office and home (instead of detatched outbuilding for my shop), so I would really like to have a more mobile-friendly accounting package.

I guess all these points are moot if I load it up and don't like it :-)  But I am assuming I will fall in love with LSMB like I did with Ubuntu and a dozen other mature FOSS packages.

Also, a word on whether the version numbers of LSMB have any correlation with the version numbers of SL.