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Subject: Hardware support architecture for remote Clients

> How the card / bar code readers send their requests/posts 
> to the server?

Barcode readers. 

There are two types of readers: 

1.USB/COM connectors
2.Keyboard connectors. 

I think that 1st type will be hard to use with LSMB.

Computer feel Ðeyboard connected barcode scanner like just
an ordinary keyboard, so no need in additional software to use it with
LSMB. All you need to use scanner  is to point the cursor to right
entry field before start to scan. 

Scanner will read and decode barcode information, will send it to entry
field and will "press Enter", so right default button have to be defined.

There is one more question: Were to store barcode in LSMB ?

SQL-Ledger's "parts" table contain field "barcode". 

What about plans to store the barcode in future releases ?

Coming back to discussed here method of storing/accessing barcode, one
of possible solution is to make a long code for parts f.e.:


where 043571234 is barcode. And you can always find the part via human
readable or barcode scanner readable formats. 

But here is a problem how to find the room in reports for so long code.

May be any body solved both problems already ?

Alex Tikhomirov