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Re: LedgerSMB Readiness

Joseph wrote:
On 10/20/09 15:35, blck shp wrote:
What is the longest successful deployment of LedgerSMB? What trial and
tribulations did you go through?

Is it worth the risk migrating to LedgerSMB from Peachtree?

Why isn't LedgerSMB right for my company?

What are the major bugs keeping me from deploying LedgerSMB?

What other software would you put up against LedgerSMB for reliability?

Well, I posted several questions few weeks ago when I tried to migrate from SQL-Ledger to LedgerSMB but nobody answered my questions, and I'm familiar with installation of LedgerSMB and SQL-Ledger.
So in real world if you get stuck you better plan for an alternative if you don't get any help.
Maybe LedgerSMB does not have many users what is why it is hard to get any help.

Just my 0.02c

I started with SQL-ledger around 2002 and eventually migrated to LSMB on the basis that it is better maintained. If you didn't know, LSMB is a fork of SQL-Ledger. The maintainer of SQL-Ledger offered an annual support service which I found to be very useful. The maintainers of LSMB are far more approachable and I've paid for their help when I've got into trouble. (my own making for the most part).

I've not found any bugs in the subset of LSMB that I use. It's reliable and works fine. Every system has strengths and weaknesses and unfortunately the only way to find out is to run it live for a few months.

Previously I used MYOB. It was OK, but it was their way or the highway. I'm a fan of open source for that reason.

For the record, over the years I've spent less money on support than I did on purchase and upgrades for MYOB.