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Re: problems with admin.pl login failure

On 19 Oct 2009 at 15:56, Chris Travers wrote:

> Two questions:
> 1)  Aside from passwords, exactly which boxes are you filling in?  For
> example are you filling in the superusername and password?

Doesn't seem to matter, the ONLY place where MYPASSWORD works is in the 
initial login using uid ledgersmb, after that anytime I use the ledgersmb 
uid, I have to use the MYROLEPASSWORD.

> 2)  Are you expecting to create a new db at the same time?  If so, which
> account are you using for the superuser account?

<eyeballs glazing over>


I've steadfastly avoided getting to know postgres in particular and sql 
servers in general over the past few years, I see now that's been a bad 
choice....  On a related note, any recommendations for a good book on 
postgres in particular and sql in general?

As to the problem, after redoing things as per


and wth the caveats on the passwords in item 1, it's now up and running.
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