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Re: How to setup multipel POS receipt printers at different locations?

I may be forgetting how this works, but something from sql-ledger comes to 
mind, and it may work the same in the 1.2 series of LedgerSMB.

If you set up multiple printers in the configuration file, you should be 
able to choose one as the printer assigned to a user, in the user settings 
page under admin.pl.

I don't know if that means that it will be the default printer for those 
users, and they still have access to the rest, or if it means that they 
will then be limited to that single printer.

I also don't know if that feature survives in LedgerSMB, as I am not using 
POS or even printers on any current installations, and instead use PDF 
printing from AR screens, on local system printers.

But maybe this gives you something to try.


On Sat, 10 Oct 2009, ..hidden.. wrote:

> I have a question on setting up Ledgersmb POS at multiple locations. I am
> currently running version 1.2.13, but would like to understand how this
> will be handled in the upcoming version 1.3 also.  The scenario I am trying
> to understand is as follows.  I have a business with two stores (each using
> the same COA).  I have setup a central Ledgersmb server for both to access.
> How do I setup up each location so that when a particular location enters a
> sale via the POS screen that it will print to the receipt printer located
> at that particular location?  I currently have one printer setup in
> pos.conf.pl and using CUPS. It is not readily apparent to me how I can
> setup X number printers based on number of locations.  It seems I have the
> following options none of which is very ideal:
> 1. I assume I can setup multiple printers and each would show up on the POS
> screen where the employee would have to select the appropriate printer for
> each sale they enter.  Once the sale is submitted with the appropriate
> receipt printer selected then CUPS could route the job as appropriate.  I
> would prefer to set default printer for a location and not show the other
> printers if they are not relevant for that particular location.  I assume
> this would mean storing this configuration in the database which I don't
> believe is being done today.  If I could set this in user preferences that
> would also be workable.  Having multiple printers though showing on POS
> screen creates a number of issues including 1) potential for employee to
> print to the wrong printer, and 2) if you had say 20 locations then you
> would also have 20 printer options on the POS screen which would be very
> clunky.
> 2. I guess I can setup one Ledgersmb installation folder per location with
> each configured to use the same database.  This would allow me to have
> separate pos.conf.pl files that could be configured specific to a location.
> Then with Apache's URL rewriting capabilities I could provide a unique URL
> for each location (i.e. ledgersmb1.domain.com, ledgersmb2.domain.com, etc.)
> that would point to the appropriate installation folder.
> 3. I haven't studied the code too much, but I assume I could customize the
> POS code so that upon selecting "Department" that the printer radio button
> selection would dynamically change as appropriate.
> Am I missing something?  Ledgersmb allows me to have multiple stores and
> even mutliple businesses using different datasets, but this is not really
> usable unless I can configure POS printing appropriately.  In addition, I
> would have the same issue if I wanted to offer a Ledgersmb ASP Hosting
> service where I wanted to use one Ledgersmb installation, but with
> different datasets for each business.  Has this been addressed in the
> upcoming version 1.3?
> Best Regards,
> Steven
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