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Re: 1.2.18 add user error

Please disregard--solved my own problem.

Lack of sleepedness: while the dataset existed, it had not been "created" 
in database administration.
I was also doing it slightly wrong--the username only method is intended 
to work for logging in, not for creations--have to include the @company1, 
@company2, etc. during user addition.

 My other questions not on this 
subject are still open, however--re registrars and money orders.


On Thu, 24 Sep 2009, Luke wrote:

> Hello
> Received the following while trying to add a new user:
> Error!
>    UPDATE defaults
>    SET value = ?
>    WHERE setting_key = ?
>    ERROR: current transaction is aborted, commands ignored until end of
>    transaction block
> That is while trying to add a user with the same name as an existing user, 
> to implement the ..hidden.., ..hidden.. login process.
> Any idea what is going on here?
> Luke