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Registrar use case: a better way?


One of my use cases for ledgersmb, is as the backend for a domain name 
registrar component of a larger business.

So, customers buy one or more domains, for one or more years each.
The company then pays registration fees to an up-stream registrar, and the 
customer gets his domain(s).

I am trying to figure out the best way to implement this.

The way I am reasonably sure of, which seems rather overly complex, and at 
least highly un-automated, is to:

1.  Generate an order for a domain product, the unit of which is years.

2.  From that order, generate a sales invoice to the customer.

3.  Open the same order, and generate a 
vendor invoice for all of the domains that are part of a given 
transaction.  I think I can avoid a purchase order for this, but haven't 
done it in a while.

Anyway, is there a more straight forward way to pull this off?  I could 
probably write a script to black box it using the API in 1.2.18, but 
thought I would see if there was an accounting method which made more 
sense first, since these would all be contemporaneous transactions--I.E., 
rarely would one of them happen without all of the others happening, 
including the payments.