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Re: long part numbers, Letter paper size

On 23 Sep 2009, at 06:48, Joseph wrote:
1.) Does anybody know how to modify tex-invoice template so it wraps a long part numbers the same way as html-invoice when printing to the screen?


Sorry, can you explain what long part numbers are doing at present? And what they do in the html-invoice ?

I hate wrapping of part-numbers, but I seem to recall it works as I'd expect when I do choose one too long for my template.

I.E. the part number 123-43543-8990 displays as:

The second line begins at the beginning of the column, so alignment is pretty much correct.

I think this is kinda ugly. I think there's a little possibility for confusing this with two separate parts, 123-43543- and 8990. Fortunately the quantity and price rows all align correctly, so I don't think that possibility for confusion is too great.

2.) How to adjust the tex templates for letter paper?
Here is a typical header:

<?lsmb FILTER latex -?>
\usepackage[letterpaper,top=2cm,bottom=1.5cm,left=1.1cm,right=1.5cm] {geometry}

letterpaper is not producing Letter paper size, it is asking for A4 paper.

I have to say I'm a little surprised by this.

It's better for you to post a full copy of the invoice.tex (sanitise as necessary) than just selected highlights, as it's easy to overlook something "obvious" if you are too familiar with the document. Many eyes may see something you've missed.

However, here the first lines look:



I don't know what the difference it makes calling \usepackage... {geometry} and then the \geometry explicitly. But you might try it. Replace "a4paper,landscape" with "letterpaper,portrait".