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Re: problem with translated interface on MS IE7

On Friday 04 September 2009 Janeks Kamerovskis wrote:

> ÂHi,
> ÂI found that on MS IE7 there is a problem, when I am using Latvian
> Âtranslation.ÂThe I am geting errors like:Â"Undefined subroutine
> Â&main::saglabÃït called at menu.pl line 148." If there is
> ÂLatvian Âaccentuated characters. 
> ÂOn Firefox on linux box - there is no problem.
> Âbrgrds
> ÂJaneks

It is my understanding that Firefox is recommended over Microsoft IE 
with LedgerSMB. If I recall correctly that has something to do with 
improper button processing within IE. In any case, try Firefox on 
your Microsoft based system that is causing the error.

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