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Re: Process Flow Charts

There is something written in manual (in pdf format).
There are also some ideas/links how to search info if needed in details of accounting.

I had the same problem. I somehow managed to understand the software with help of my friends and relatives that are accountants. I have also the language problem - I had to understand accounting in english to read manual and also to correctly interpretate my native translations, that not in all places was accurate.

My needs is rather simple - only couple of persons and I don't need (yet) that manufacturing and warehouse things. So I only ques how it should work.
I am working only couple of monthes with the software.
Also I have unsolved things like begging balance, where I still need more expierenced accountant help, that is plannned but not yet done.

Of course it would be nice to have a book for beginers in accounting with example of LedgerSMB.
Or at least some more detailed tutorials and descriptions about forms and controls what each exactly is doing. Correct me if I am wrong, but I did not find them. In manual there was only general description about what menu/form is doing, that is usable if you know accounting and the principles how web and database software is working. My accountand did not manage to understand that, but I did with his help. But there was also the language/translation problems, that I mentioned before.

It looks for me that it could be good to have some kind of Wiki, for active users to post some detailed descriptions. But I am not shure how good it could work because it seems for me that user comunity of LedgerSMB is not large. Will there will be enought users that would like to contribute his expierence in the form of descriptions. I could try to make couple of descriptions, but if I will be only one than it will be worthless. Also I am in dobts of my english.


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I am planning on running my business on lsmb.

When you are a new user, and particularly when you haven't ran a
business before, the abundance of menu options and unfamiliarity with
accounting terms can confuse.

Do any process flow charts exist? Do we (the lsmb community) have any
documentation that explains step by step and/or visually each major
process area.

For example.

Setup for beginners.

Raising a Sales Order
Raising a Purchase Order
Raising an invoice
Paying a Vendor
Receipting a payment

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