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Re: Begginer dummy questions

<..hidden..><..hidden..>>> I succesfuly entered beggining figures (the rest that I
>>have in the end of
>> previous period without LedgerSMB) by using
>> Cash / Transfer.
>> Question: In which report, how can I view them again?
It was my fault I messed [update] with [post].
Reentered and posted. Now I can see them.

>> Now I have to enter creditors, that had left the rest
>>amounts in previous
>> system.
>> If I understood right it is under AP menus.
>> How to enter them. F.ex. I have unpaid bill for
>>materials of office use.
>> Should I need to create some service first?
> I would suggest creating a service first.

But what if it is just as part of Credit of starting balance?
It was bound with costs/services in previous system not in new.